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Generative AI is here to serve us, not replace us. Millions of people are exploring its potential, but we must remember that human connection can never be replicated or replaced by AI. That is especially true in marketing.

Countless companies and marketers are using generative AI to write blog posts, emails, articles, and other forms of content. Many marketing teams dealing with layoffs and budget cuts, so generative AI seems like a solution to their challenges.

Yes, it is a helpful tool, but be wary of going all-in on using it for content generation. Algorithms can't build personal connections with customers—only you can. And an authentic voice that is uniquely yours is imperative to your marketing success.

What Generative AI Is Missing

B2B content marketers already spend 82% of their time creating content, leaving only a few hours for strategy and countless other responsibilities. A magic content wand like generative AI seems like a panacea, but it's not a long-term solution.

As it exists, generative AI composes the average of everything that exists, so the results are just that: average. AI writing sounds like everyone else because the algorithm learned from everyone else.

The same-old vanilla content won't build trust and connection with your audience. Instead, you'll blend into the crowd. On top of that, customers are skeptical about AI. If they discover your material is auto-generated, they will likely feel misled.

How can you stand out? Use something only your team has: lived experience and a keen understanding of your audience. No matter how smart it gets, AI just can't replicate the insights or "a-ha moments" of a human conversation.

Leaning too heavily on algorithmic output keeps marketers from our ultimate goal: building authentic human-to-human relationships.

You cannot remove humans from the equation.

How to Use Generative AI in Marketing

Just because you can't rely on generative AI to be a standalone content workhorse doesn't mean it's useless to you. Here are a few ways you can use it to get your ideas off the ground and make your job easier:

  • Brainstorm questions to ask or topics to discuss.
  • Compile lists of topics popular with specific audiences.
  • Understand audience intent and preferences.
  • Conduct background research.

As an example, let's examine how we can use AI to enhance podcast content.

Podcasts are uniquely suited to showcase human conversation. Generative AI cannot replicate the spontaneous discussion, human emotion, and hot takes arising from those genuine, human exchanges. But once you create that authentic foundational content, generative AI can enhance your amplified marketing efforts.

The technology helps you squeeze every last drop of material from the podcast by...

  • Identifying key takeaways to turn into smaller pieces, including video or audio clips, blogs, social media, and pull quotes
  • Offering suggestions on mixing old content with new—AI can search a content repository to find material related to new assets, such as an old blog post that could be updated and enhanced with new audio
  • Compiling audience data to inform content strategies and provide campaign ideas
  • Finding popular discussion topics linking to the podcast's subject matter

Those capabilities of generative AI can help you take amplified marketing to another level. You can maximize the value and reach of your original content with less time and effort. Make the technology do research grunt work while you do the fun and creative work of developing unique, engaging, authentic marketing content without needing to generate net-new material.

Achieving Brand Success

The most successful brands are those that maintain a human connection—that's a truth that will endure regardless of technological advancements. Customers will eventually procure tools to help them identify AI-generated content.

Will AI content stop people from engaging with your content? Maybe, maybe not. But ask yourself, Is it worth taking the risk?

Even if buyers begin to accept content from generative AI, they will still be drawn to unique and authentic brands. AI does not capture human emotions, empathy, or understanding. By shaping content with your personal touch, you create something truly original and authentically human, enabling people to connect more deeply with your message than with an AI-generated conglomeration of pre-existing words and thoughts.

Every day, unique and insightful conversations happen about and within our industries. You, your team, and your company leaders have original ideas, expert insights, and perspectives that no one else can offer. Why wouldn't you take full advantage of your competitive differentiators? Amplifying those candid conversations resonates far better than synthetic content ever will.

Generative AI is an incredible tool for getting you started and prepared, but it can't do the work for you. Use it as a launching point for better B2B conversations that lead to effective, novel ideas.

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Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and a co-founder of Casted, the first and only marketing platform built around branded podcasts, helping companies to create greater connection with their audiences through authentic conversation.

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