2023 State of B2B Marketing Training Report

Sales teams seem to get easy access to training, and support from leadership for it, because their work directly impacts business goals, right? At the same time, B2B marketers often struggle for opportunities to improve professionally and personally—even though they want to learn more specifically to impact their company's business goals, too!

How do we bridge this gap?

Download the latest State of B2B Marketing Training report for MarketingProfs' fresh new research into:

  • Why marketers seek training in the first place (personally and professionally)
  • What specific types of training is—and isn't—working to meet marketers' goals
  • How marketers as individuals can increase the effectiveness and impact of marketing training they participate in
  • What leadership can and should be doing to create a culture that enables learning, and to advocate for their teams for easier access to more effective types of training

This report is based on a survey of over 400 of our MarketingProfs community's B2B marketers. With the insights we offer, you'll feel less alone as a marketer (even if you're a team of one!), and more supported in your efforts to develop your career.

And speaking of career development, you'll find a foreword from our friends at Robert Half in this report. Robert Half connects employers and job seekers to staff positions, so they're a natural voice to add to our findings. After you read the report, be sure to check out their salary guide data for Marketing, Content, and PR Positions!

We hope you use this report to have a conversation with your team or your leadership about your company's culture of learning, and how you want to develop your own career. If you use it and it helps, give us a shout on social, or send us a note.

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  • Release Date: May 22, 2023
  • Topic: Marketing Strategy
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