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  • Counterintuitive Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

    Marketing isn't always rational. That's why using counterintuitive marketing practices can sometimes be your best play—like adding friction to the buying experience or deleting people from your email list.

    Amanda Natividad, VP of marketing at SparkToro, joins us to talk about using these against-the-grain tactics in three areas of marketing, as well as in sales.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Get greater ROI from smaller opportunities
    • Grow through unscalable interactions
    • Give away free value to enhance your credibility and grow your leads
    • Use other novel approaches


    Amanda Natividad
    • Amanda Natividad
    • VP of Marketing, SparkToro
    • @amandanat

    Amanda is VP of Marketing for SparkToro and has led content and communications initiatives at both Fitbit and NatureBox. She is a contributor to AdWeek , writes a B2B marketing newsletter called the Menu, and teaches Content Marketing 201.

  • Mastering ABM and Display Ads: Strategies and Campaigns for Marketing-Led Growth

    Join ZoomInfo's senior demand generation manager, Colin Chang, to explore the latest ABM and display advertising strategies and platforms—such as TikTok—that are accelerating Marketing-led growth.

    He'll highlight the role of video, the importance of creators, and best-practices for B2B brands to dominate in today's digital landscape.

    Get proven B2B marketing strategies from the team that's using them to ensure successful campaigns.

    You'll learn:

    • How to harness intent-based signals in digital advertising campaigns
    • Which ABM and digital advertising metrics point to success
    • What the core benefits of intent-based targeting are (hint: lower spend and improve ROAS and ROI)


    Colin Chang
    • Colin Chang
    • Sr. Demand Generation Manager, ZoomInfo
    • @ZoomInfo

    Colin is senior manager, demand generation, at ZoomInfo, where he manages all of the paid social activities at ZoomInfo. He brings almost a decade of experience in B2B marketing to his work.

  • What B2B Marketing Will Look Like in 2026 (And How to Get Ready Now)

    Today's innovative strategy could be tomorrow's broken status quo. And the best way to keep your edge is to see—or at least anticipate—what's coming so you can start getting ready now.

    Join expert marketer Matt Heinz for this actionable and fast-paced session about what to expect in B2B Marketing over the next few years.

    You'll learn:

    • The checklist of marketing priorities you should be following
    • How to ensure you're ready for the next 12-23 months
    • How to charge up your revenue's impact


    Matt Heinz
    • Matt Heinz
    • President and Founder, Heinz Marketing
    • @HeinzMarketing

    Heinz Marketing's founder and president, Matt Heinz, has 20+ years of marketing, sales, and business development experience. He's a repeat winner of multiple awards, including Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers and Top 50 Keynote Speakers.


ZoomInfo is how businesses go to market. Powered by real-time data and insights, our unified engagement platform helps sales and marketing teams find, acquire, and grow customers.
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  • Date: June 9, 2023
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy, Martech
  • Price: $0


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