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  • Do This, Not That: Email Marketing Techniques for 2021 That Work

    By 2023 there are expected to be 4.3 billion global email users—about half the world's population. What's more, in 2020, nearly 310 billion emails were sent and received each day as remote work expanded and increased the amount of time we spend in our inboxes.

    In this session, you'll learn the latest best-practices to help you cut through the noise and improve your email marketing ROI—including the offers that can gain you the most customers.

    You'll learn:

    • How to double open rates with a few easy tweaks to your emails
    • The latest pitfalls in email marketing and how to avoid them
    • What's keeping recipients from making it to your landing pages and how to fix that issue
    • Techniques to make hyper-personalization and interactive emails more successful


    Jay Schwedelson
    • Jay Schwedelson
    • President and CEO, Worldata
    • @worldata

    Jay Schwedelson is the founder of, the #1 free subject line rating tool, which is in the top 1% of all websites according to Alexa rankings. He's also the president and CEO of Worldata, a leader in acquisition marketing strategies and permission email marketing services.

  • Design, Content, and Cadence: 3 Ways to Build Subscriber Love

    How do you build subscriber love? It's the question everyone from copywriters to CMOs ask themselves all the time. Step one is figuring out what subscribers actually want. Step two is looking for ways to deliver it in a more thoughtful way than your competitors.

    In this session, we'll look at how the design, content, and cadence of your B2B email campaigns can combine to create an experience your subscribers can't resist.

    You'll learn:

    • How visual design and creative content can hook subscribers
    • How to use analytics data to improve both
    • How to create a more thoughtful subscriber strategy


    Jason Rodriguez
    • Jason Rodriguez
    • Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus
    • @rodriguezcommaj

    Jason Rodriguez is an author, a designer, and a teacher. As the community evangelist at Litmus, he spends his time teaching people how to create better, more valuable relationships with subscribers through email strategy, copywriting, design, and development.

  • 5 Automated Email Campaigns Designed for B2B Brands

    B2B marketers have a variety of automated campaign options to leverage—from welcome campaigns to milestone emails to value-based emails and more.

    This session will explore five automated campaigns designed to convert subscribers to customers—and, eventually, to evangelists. You'll walk away with ways to improve your existing automated campaigns—from their difficulty level to how to score them—along with new campaigns you can develop for your organization.

    You'll learn about:

    • Tactics to improve existing automated email campaigns
    • New automated email campaigns to build for your subscribers
    • Analytics/metrics for automated email campaigns


    Michael Barber
    • Michael Barber
    • Marketing Strategist, barber&hewitt
    • @michaeljbarber

    Before establishing his own consultancy, barber&hewitt, Michael held leadership roles in strategy and planning at Sitewire, Nomadic Agency, and COHN. In 2018, barber&hewitt joined Godfrey. The same year, Michael was named one of Marketo's Fearless 50.


Litmus helps marketers make email better, faster. Marketers use the Litmus Platform along with their email service provider to ensure a consistently great brand experience for every subscriber—and to work more efficiently, accelerate campaign performance, reduce errors, and stay out of the spam folder.
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  • Date: February 12, 2021
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 30-45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Marketing Content, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing
  • Price: $0


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