Keith Richey, Sr. director of global marketing at LinkedIn, joins me to talk about the importance of corporate culture, the changes CMOs have experienced in 2020, and the 4Ss of marketing. We also talk libraries, liquor laws, learning, and more—it's a jam-packed half hour!

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2020 has been rough on all of us, but there's something that sets some employees above others in how they've handled this year: It turns out that the most resilient marketers are those that have a strong corporate culture they can fall back on, and that this culture is at the heart of business resilience, too.

CMOs are not exempt from the stresses, either, and they have been compelled to make drastic changes to budgets, personnel, and plans throughout the year. Keith shares what chief marketers have been doing to get back to their DIY roots in 2020, as well as some surprising stats on the topics and courses marketers find most interesting.

We also discuss a new way of approaching critical marketing fundamentals, using the 4Ss: stance, solution, strategy, and systems. It's an interesting take on how to think about marketing, and it just may end up replacing the 4Ps in the playbooks of many marketers!

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