"Minter Dial's book gives you an actionable blueprint for a new way of looking at leading, starting with yourself." ―Ann Handley

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Entrepreneur and leadership expert Minter Dial (formerly of L'Oreal) wants to help leaders be more human and fulfilled while still delivering results for their organizations. That approach suggests that the painstakingly polished "personal brand" many people maintain might actually be undermining their ability to lead.

But telling someone to just "be yourself" isn't all that helpful. For leaders to get comfortable showing their "dents" in the workplace, more detailed advice is required, and Minter Dial's new book delivers. You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader is based on the author's experience as an entrepreneur and running global brand Redken.

The book is loaded with tips and frameworks to help you become a better leader while embracing your imperfections.

These are some of the things Minter and I cover in this episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast:

  • How can you truly be yourself at work when we're all imperfect?
  • Why do we even need a new book on leadership?
  • What are the ingredients to high-performance leadership now, after the sweeping changes of 2020?
  • How do purpose and authenticity drive performance at work?
  • Is it better for organizations to be customer-first or employee-first?

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