In a recent poll, only 16% of marketers surveyed said they found LinkedIn ads to be an effective means of generating leads. A whopping 30% claimed they never had used or never would use LinkedIn ads as a lead generation tool!

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Those stats are likely all a bit heartbreaking to today's guest, AJ Wilcox, the founder of B2Linked and an evangelist of the power of LinkedIn Advertising. AJ is passionate about putting LinkedIn to work effectively for his clients, and he joins us today to talk the ins and outs of LinkedIn ads.

For starters, make sure LinkedIn makes sense for your business. If your average deal size is less than $12-15K, LinkedIn may not be the ideal vehicle for lead generation; it maybe simply too costly to be practical for your purposes.

Next, ditch LinkedIn's first two suggestions regarding ads. Instead, remove the audience expansion box, and do not use the default bidding strategy. If both those are engaged, you may as well be throwing your money away.

AJ has found that despite the perceived cost difference between other ad platforms (Facebook, Google), LinkedIn is the best and most economical way to target for B2B, reaching exactly the people you want to reach, when you want to reach them.

AJ also offers listeners a free checklist to make sure you're starting off on the right foot. Download the checklist now!

There's a lot more amazing content in this week's episode, so give it a listen!

And if you want even more LinkedIn advertising goodness, check out AJ's podcast, the LinkedIn Ads Show (specifically, episode 15, that's all about benchmarking your ads).

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