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Marketers aren't incorporating video into their campaigns are missing out on its numerous benefits.

Investing in video marketing, a relatively new channel, can be scary, but the numbers don't lie: A full 70% of viewers purchase from specific brands after seeing their advertisements on YouTube, research has found.

No wonder 50% of leading marketing professionals say they are researching how to further invest in YouTube video content in 2023.

Timing Is Everything

Your video campaign must be strategic if you plan to resonate with your target audience.

When you implement any new marketing strategy, it's crucial that you get the timing right. You must generate content at the right time and for the right audience to get the best results. Stale and poorly timed campaigns will be ignored by potential buyers.

Your campaign also needs to be relevant to the given time period, and it must encapsulate your brand's values.

In the digital age, tech giant Cisco has gotten into the action by using YouTube to post informational and engaging video content. Cisco's YouTube channel is well-organized and comprehensive, ensuring excellent value for businesses interested in working with the company.

At a time when digital content is a necessity, Cisco's strategy is effective in creating accessible content and strong partnerships.

On the other hand, many B2B marketing campaigns backfire entirely because the messages are inauthentic. As a consequence, 75% of B2B brands' campaigns don't generate enough success to drive long-term growth.

What lessons can you take from those statistics? Staying true to your brand values, distributing your content at the right time, and understanding your audience are all keys to executing a successful video marketing campaign.

Understanding Your Audience

Before adding video to your marketing budget, you need to know whom you're targeting with your campaigns. It's essential to produce appropriate content for your audience, so develop your campaigns with your potential buyer in mind.

Think like your audiences, dive into your company's data to gain insight into the type of content they'd most want to see from you, and start creating that content for them. The script, message, and overall theme should resonate with your buyers while staying true to your brand.

Researching your audience beforehand will help you determine the tone you should adopt for your video content. Does your audience like informative content with a serious message, or does it prefer something fun and entertaining?

Figuring out your audience's preferences will help you create a video campaign tailored for your specific viewership, ultimately giving your brand a better chance to garner a positive response.

The video should ultimately provide viewers with answers and solutions to their problems and provide clear calls to action for them to take.

Video campaigns that resolve potential customer pain points are great for businesses that want to connect with their audiences and build a loyal following. Those types of videos are also effective for both boosting ROI and providing businesses with further opportunities to connect with current and potential customers in marketing campaigns down the road.

How to Know When to Include Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Many brands are hesitant to dive headfirst into video marketing. Fortunately, incorporating video into your marketing strategy is easy, and strong video content can skyrocket your success.

Here is a three-item checklist you can follow to ensure that you're ready to invest in video.

1. Evaluate your goals

Before creating a video marketing campaign, there are many things to consider. The most crucial thing is establishing the goals and objectives of your video campaign. Determine whether you want to get more customers or sell more goods.

Then, create relevant content. If you create irrelevant, uninteresting videos or have a polarizing video in your campaign, you're less likely to hit your goals. Sure, one might hit, but most of them aren't going to garner the results you want.

Instead, keep a consistent cadence of relevant, captivating videos to generate long-term engagement with your viewers and maintain interest long after the campaign ends.

2. Establish your target audience

Finding your target audience is the second most crucial step of your video marketing campaign. Adjust your campaign to its taste to yield far greater results.

The key to good video marketing is recognizing your audience's interests, providing enticing insight, and staying true to yourself.

Providing personalized video marketing content will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

3. Consider your resources

Your brand's resources will directly influence how the video turns out. You can create videos with better quality and more complexity if you have the budget and resources to provide to the campaign. Consider how much of your budget you are willing to allocate to video marketing and what resources will be necessary.

Customers are interested in videos that solve their problems, not silver screen films with empty promises. Accordingly, resources should be an essential component to consider, but having fewer of them shouldn't detract from adding video to your marketing toolbox.

* * *

For startups and well-established businesses alike, investing in a new marketing channel can be difficult. Fortunately, for video marketing, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

If you are ready to create a loyal following, get more people talking about your brand, and grow your business, now is the time to add video to your marketing budget.

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Why Now Is the Time to Add Video to Your Marketing Budget

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