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Every marketer has questions about customers and their market—why aren't my customers loyal, what do customers really think of our product or service, how do customers compare us to our competitors, how can we build more admiration for our brand, should we offer more features or not... the list goes on and on.

What if you had a world-class marketing expert to help you clarify your problems into researchable questions, talk to your customers and synthesize those insights with actionable recommendations?

With MarketingProfs DNA | Insights, you can.

Insights With Recommendations That Propel Your Business

MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) Insights go beyond your current understanding of customers and the market by blending world-class insights from business science and customer voices to provide a new view on your burning questions.

Clarify Your Marketing Problems

We translate rough ideas into clear, researchable questions and help you narrow down your field of questions into the ones most central to your business.

Gain Insights from Real Customers

You'll hear what customers really have to say by talking to an unbiased, independent third party. Derive insights from an expert who uses powerful interview techniques.

Benefit from a Holistic View of Your Problems with Actionable Recommendations

We synthesize customer and industry insights that bear directly on your problem. Learn new ways to see and solve your problems. You'll have the confidence and defensible data to take action.

MarketingProfs DNA | Insights

If you're a marketer who needs expert, research-based clarity:
Even though most marketers don't have a background in research, they are often asked to provide answers about their customers for their company. But, the questions they ask matter and the wrong question can lead them down the wrong path.

MarketingProfs DNA Insights consulting services can help marketers understand what questions to ask and then synthesize customer and industry research to provide meaningful, actionable answers.

What you're buying:

  • A world-class marketing expert who has won literally every award in marketing, including awards making the greatest contribution to the practice of marketing. Our Consultant has published 75 papers on and 2 books about marketing.
  • A process to clarify the central marketing questions that focus directly on your business and turn these questions into researchable questions.
  • Interviews with current, past, new, old, lost, etc. customers to gather a range of customer insights.
  • An expert who is uniquely capable of diving into the 3rd-party literature to gather business insights on your central questions.
  • A synthesis report of customer and 3rd-party research into a holistic view of your central questions and recommended options for a successful path forward.
Debbie MacInnis

About Your Consultant

Debbie MacInnis is the Charles L. and Ramona I. Hilliard Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Marketing at USC's Marshall School of Business. Her work focuses on the role of emotions in consumer behavior and branding. She has published over 60 academic articles, and has received the Journal of Marketing's Alpha Kappa Psi and Maynard Awards for the papers that make the greatest contribution to marketing thought and the Long-Term Contribution Award from the Review of Marketing Research. She has served as Co-Editor and Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Debbie is co-author of a leading textbook on consumer behavior, several edited volumes on branding, and an upcoming book on developing, enhancing and leveraging brand admiration. For more information, see www.brandadmiration.com. She is President of the AMA's Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group, former Treasure, and President of the Association for Consumer Research and former Vice President of Conferences and Research for the American Marketing Association's academic council. She is the winner of local and national teaching awards. She has also served the Marshall School of Business as Vice Dean of Research and Strategy and Vice Dean of the Undergraduate Programs. She has also received the USC mentoring award for her mentoring work with faculty. Her consulting includes work with major consumer packaged goods companies, business-to-business marketers and advertising agencies.

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