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Is the market missing from your B2B positioning and messaging?

Find Your Unique, Defensible Position in the Market

Traditional positioning engagements typically happen in one of two ways:

  • The positioning consultant you've hired starts with internal documents and collateral to see what is working and not. They move this discovery to new messaging and stories.
  • Alternatively, they start with your product features and ask how they are unique. They then find customers who might want these features. This keeps you at the category/industry level instead of the market level.

What's missing from both of these approaches is data inputs from the market itself. And without that, your positioning efforts are missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

Put the Market at the Center of Your Position with MarketingProfs DNA Positioning Consulting

The core foundation of any B2B business is its position and message to the market. However, many organizations struggle to break through the clutter, differentiate and even identify who their market is and what they want. As a result, organizations are seeing problems with pipeline, close rates, pricing and time to close. MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) Positioning Consulting helps you:

Segment Your Market(s)

We help you segment you market and gain a better understanding of your competitors, your category and your customers.

Create a Defensible Position in Your Market(s)

By combining external insight with an internal workshop, organizations can now articulate who their market is, what they want and how your unique differentiation helps make you competitor-proof both now and in the future.

Bring Your Position to Life

Once the positioning work is complete, we bring it to life with messaging and stories to use consistently throughout your organization.

A Proven Framework to Decode Your Unique DNA in the Market

Our positioning workshops use a proven 9-step framework. We work with you to identify your defensible position in the market and the key messages to attain this position. This approach also uniquely allows you to see how competitors might encroach on your position and identify new segments you might target later.

  1. Market Definition—Get a precise understanding of your market
  2. Market Beliefs—Visualize how customers view the competing offerings in the market
  3. Market Segments—Divide the market based on what customers care about
  4. Market Competition—What is the likely competitive game reactions to a market positioning
  5. Differential Advantage Analysis—Map your core competencies to market needs
  6. Targeting—Based on the prior analysis, find segment(s) where there is a product-market fit
  7. Positioning—State a defensible position for the target segment(s)
  8. Gap Analysis—Identify what internally needs to be fixed to achieve the positioning
  9. Messaging—Turn your positioning statement into user compelling messages
Debbie MacInnis

About Your Consultant

Allen Weiss an emeritus professor from USC, the founder and CEO of MarketingProfs. Allen studies technology marketing, particularly how firms make decisions in technologically sophisticated markets. His research has published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Management Science, Organization Science, and Journal of Financial Economics.

Over the years he has worked with B2B companies—including Texas Instruments, Informix, Vanafi, and EMI Music Distribution—to help them position their products. He's developed a rigorous approach to ensuring that positioning is defensive in a competitive environment.

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