These are frequently asked questions by people who work in marketing every day. Here you'll find answsers to questions like: Does subliminal advertising work? What's the right way to segment markets?

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Advertising This FAQ looks at various questions about advertising and how it works.
Branding and Positioning This category discusses the meaning of brands, brand extensions, and also various facets of positioning.
Email Strategy What are the main questions about email marketing? We'll answer them here.
Customer Behavior Interested in customer behavior? This FAQ will look at all aspects of this wide ranging topic.
Marketing Communications This FAQ will focus on communications in all forms.
Grab Bag These are a variety of FAQs answered on the site.
Marketing Analysis Market analysis covers a lot of territory. We'll try to answer the most common questions here.
Marketing Channels This FAQ will focus on channels, incentives, and other aspects of getting products to customers.
Pricing How do you price products and other such questions will be the focus of this FAQ.
Products This FAQ deals with the broad question of what are products and how to think about them.
Research Methods This FAQ will focus on the most common questions about research methods in marketing.
Business Plans This FAQ will focus on marketing in business plans.
Marketing Metrics How do you calculate ROI, etc?
Other Stuff FAQs that don't fall neatly into the other categories go here
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