In this episode of Marketing Smarts, I talk with Christian-Selchau Hansen, co-founder and CEO of We discuss how we unintentionally let personalization bias creep into our marketing efforts, some of the lesser-known side effects of the pandemic (like the price of meat in Ireland), and how the expectations of brand loyalists have changed in 2020.

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Christian shows us how customer loyalty has shifted from an incremental-value mindset to one that's seriously concerned with safety. He reminds us that customers aren't static and explains how to account for this constant flux. And we talk about the importance of improving the customer experience, even though it's bound to be difficult.

Of course, we also talk about smoked meat. As it turns out, there are remarkable similarities between creating a memorable user experience and smoking the perfect brisket. Both come down to a matter of taste, and both are a marriage of art and science, requiring guidance through the process, knowledge of the various stages, and experimentation to hit the target.

We discuss why relevance is so important, and Christian dives deep into the four steps marketers must follow to provide the ultimate customer experience:

  1. Collect good data.
  2. Develop insights.
  3. Act on those insights (in a scalable way).
  4. Rinse and repeat (quickly).

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