There's no getting around it: 2020 nearly imploded the job market. Millions of Americans lost their jobs while others survived layoffs only to worry that they might be next. Mid-pandemic hardly seemed like the time to think about career advancement.

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But tumultuous times also throw into sharp focus what's important to us, prompting us to think about how we'd like our life overall to look like. Considering we spend 1/3 of our life at work, maybe now is the time to think about your career.

That's why I invited 25-year Silicon Valley marketing executive Christina Del Villar to Marketing Smarts. We discuss ways marketers can stay relevant to their organizations in a recession (or anytime, really).

Christina also explains how marketers can make themselves valuable at every stage of the customer journey, and how to communicate their value effectively within the organization. Sometimes, it turns out, "tooting your own horn" really is necessary.

Over the course of her career, Christina has snagged choice positions at startups and established companies alike, so she has years of career experience to draw from. Her insights will help you to build value at your company and actively shape your career.

You might even want to create a marketing plan for yourself and your career! We get into that, as well.

For more on this topic, keep an eye out for Christina's forthcoming book, Sway: Implement the GRIT Marketing Method to Gain Influence & Drive Corporate Strategy. 

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