Since the pandemic began, survival has, on some days, been enough to merit a hearty pat on the back. But when we set the bar too low for too long, we can shortchange ourselves. Surviving is one thing: thriving is another.

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As Push Mind and Body founder Cate Murden explains, we can strive for more while still prioritizing self-care. I invited Cate back to Marketing Smarts to share tips from her new ebook, 2021 High-Potential Hacks: The positive daily behaviours of the highest-performing people.

We talk about some of the tips Cate gleaned from interviewing 16 incredibly high-performing people, and distilling their attitudes and beliefs into actionable "hacks" you can apply right now to get more from life.

Some of the approaches we dive into:

  • "Controlling the controllable"
  • "Choosing your hard"
  • "Doing the opposite of what you're doing"
  • "Exposing yourself to your fear."

Listen in for tips on how to challenge yourself while also nurturing yourself. Because we're a long way from normal yet, and we shouldn't wait any longer to start truly living again.

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